Files Viewer

Files Viewer lets you get quick information about any selected file, it also serves as a viewer for a lot of file types.

It is very easy to view files, just with one click on a file you can view the file, when you click on an image and it will display the image in the images viewer, click on a text file, it will show its contents, click on a media file it starts the playback...
It has built-in multimedia player for easy audio and video files playback. In addition, Files Viewer will show properties of any selected file on a File Details page.

 Using Files Viewer, you can view the following files:

  • Text
    .xml .bat .in .txt .asc .asf .log .doc .data .dep or any files of such kind that can be read as a text files. 
  • Web Pages
     .htm .html .shtm .mhtml .shtml .mht .asp or any files of such kind that can be viewed as web page
  • Audio Files
    .mp3 .mp1 .mp2 .wav .ogg .aiff .aifc .au .wma .m4a .flac .aac .ac3 .wv .it .xm .s3m .mod .mtm .umx .mo3 .cda .mid .raw .mpa and other
  • Video Files
     . mpg .mpeg .asf .avi .wmv .swf .mov .vob .mp4 .ifo .flv .3gp .qt .mkv .rm and other
  • Image Files
    .jpg .exif .gif .bmp .png .tif .emf .ico .wmf
  • Archives
    .zip .gzip .bz .tar You can preview a zip or tar file from within an archive without decompressing entire archive. 
  • Specific Files
    .pdf .odt .docx
  •  Any other file that cannot be shown will have its properties displayed instead
  •  You can view encrypted images, play encrypted audio and video files that was encrypted by this software