cryptography window

Cryptography is a feature of Sprintbit File Manager that lets you encrypt or decrypt files.

File Encryption is scrambling process in which files are made unreadable until the specific decryption method has been employed.
The most common use is to protect your private files, documents and information. Once encrypted, your files would be unreadable.
The files can be brought back to a readable state by decrypting. 

Using Cryptography, you can:

  • Encrypts and decrypts all kind of files using popular algorithms including the most popular AES known as Rijndael
  • Open, view  or play encrypted files with this software and with  Sprintbit Media Player ,  Sprintbit Playlist Manager and Home Multimedia Library too.
  • View files properties to see whether a file is encrypted or not
  • Create encrypted files that will expire after certain date
  • Work with many files at once, so you can encrypt a batch of files.