Sprintbit File Manager - Files Browser  
File Browser is a basic files management component in Sprintbit File Manager
Its included in many software features and provides access to your computer files, let you browse your computer or network computer and manage files.

Using Files Browser you can:

Explore your computer.
Perform all standard file operations like copying, moving, renaming, deleting, creating folders..
Run all files and documents by double click on the file in the File Browser or selecting file and pressing Enter key
Select files and directories for processing.
Have quick access to the most common folders on your computer
Create shortcuts to files and view file properties.
Use Drag & Drop operation with the mouse, you can drag files directly from Browser to other software features. You can also Drag & Drop files to and from another Windows application with this File Browser as well.
Use standard keyboard functions, this include such keys as Ctrl+C (Copy),
Ctrl+X (Cut), Ctrl+V (Paste) and F5 (Refresh)
Use automatic context menu processing. When you right-click on a selected file or group of files will display a standard alike Windows Explorer pop up-menu.
Use file filters to show different contents of browsers. Only files that match the selected file filter are displayed in the browsers.
Set different view styles
Online help page is available here  

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